Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Minutes from the SAPA Sept. 1, 2009 Board meeting

SAPA Board Meeting 09/01/09

Present: Sally Larson, Bobby Marsh, Meredith Smildsin, Susan Greene, David Fernandez, Mary Holmes, Will McCanless, Ben Owen, George Gusler

Guests: Jennie Keatts, Fred Johnston, David Garner, Bonnie Burns, Sherry James, Phil Pollett, Chris Luther, Meredith Heywood, Beth Gore

Phil Pollett will finalize book list for library. His friend has offered a 25% credit to whatever dollar value we purchase.

Beth Gore will work on a newsletter to send out to customers who sign up through the SAPA website. She will do this on a trial basis.

Approval of May minutes: George made a motion to approve and David seconded.

Treasurer’s Report: Rent has been paid to the NCPC for use of office space.
Mary made a motion to renew Asheboro Chamber of Commerce membership and sally seconded.

President’s Report: Continuing to work on map and website updates. Marketing Report: 41 Seagrove potters are represented at the Raleigh Convention Center. They will be putting out a press release. Uwharrie/NC visitor center has started listing potters on their website. 54 shops participating in COSP and about 80 individual potters.

Membership Report: Membership dues are coming in steadily. Several new members as a result of COSP.

COSP Report: Details coming along well. 54 individual shops. Potters' meeting and booth selection at 6:30pm on September 14. Clean up day on September 28, at 9am. Fundraising is at roughly $8000.

Potters' Affairs: Request from a few of the members to receive more details about the board meetings and current issues and opportunities. It was requested that examples of the issues and concerns that members are having be brought to the board so that they can be addressed. George made a motion to send minutes from previous meeting along with agenda for upcoming meeting when notice is sent about upcoming meeting. Mary seconded. Other concern is that SAPA membership should not be required in order to participate in COSP. Other possibilities will be considered for future years.

Unfinished Business: David made a motion and Bobby seconded for SAPA maps to be available for use at kiosks for individual shops. Individual shops will have the opportunity to purchase these kiosks for their shop. Notice will be sent out with minutes and upcoming agenda to give shops the opportunity to place an order for a kiosk with the deadline for placing the order.

Ben is continuing to have conversations with the zoo in regards to a spring event of some sort.

New Business: Will made a motion to create and submit a proposal for SAPA to operate the new welcome centers on the highway. Sally seconded. Will, with assistance from Susan and others, will compose and submit proposal.

Motion to adjourn was made by David and seconded by Ben.

The September Board meeting was held last night at the Library with about 9 members attending. Note: this is not considered approved minutes of the meeting, only an information report to the members.

Ø Phil Pollock reported on the research he did with a friend to come up with a list of books to be donated to the Library from the Celebration festival proceeds of last year. If anyone has some suggestions please contact Phil 336-873-7664.

Ø Beth Gore has offered to write a newsletter on events happening in Seagrove to be sent out to the SAPA email list collected from the web site. An email with more information will be sent to the membership on this.

Ø SAPA has paid the rent for the use of an office in the Von Cannon House.

Ø SAPA renewed its membership to the Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce.

Ø Susan Greene and Bonnie Burns set up the display at the Raleigh Convention center with 41 potters represented and$9,000 worth of inventory.

Ø Celebration has 80 individual potters signed up representing 54 shops. Information on meetings and clean-up days will be sent out.

Ø Chris Luther will be working with Will McCanless on the Potters Affairs committee and is developing a plan to communicate more closely with the membership to address individual concerns from potters.

Ø David Fernandez has 4 orders for the map kiosks reported on last month and asks that anyone else who wants one to contact him at (336) 207-6985.

o The different options are:

§ 1 4X4’ sign with frame and 2 4X4’ posts to be installed by buyer for $339.

§ 1 4X4’ map on metal and weather proof that can be mounted on the side of a building for $225.

§ 1 4X4’ map on plastic that can be mounted on a wall but isn’t as long lasting as the metal ones $190.

Ø Ben Owen has been in touch with the Zoo regarding the offer they have made us to use the African Pavilion for a pottery event. There has been no discussion as to what we would do or when that might happen. Any suggestions are welcome.

Ø Will McCanless reported on the marketing opportunities available to us through the new Welcome Centers on 220 and asked permission to prepare a presentation to the DOT.

Ø Please note that the SAPA Board meetings have been changed to 7PM on the first Monday of every month. Our next meeting will be Monday October 5th.