Thursday, November 5, 2009

E-Card for Promotional Use by the Potters Listed on the Card

If you are a Celebration of Seagrove Potters participant (listed on the card) you may use this card to send to your customers via email. Help us build up attendance at the show and let them see that it is authentic Seagrove!!

The pots shown on the card are the auction pots that were delivered for the Juan Villa shooting and are being used in our TV advertising to promote the event. We will continue photographing your donations and posting them on the web site, Bobbie Thomas is the drop off point. Please email your descriptions to All pot descriptions received at least a week before the Celebration will be written up on the auction insert to the program and given out to our customers.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

COSP TV Radio Advertising Schedule

"Pottery" programming that will air in November on WUNC-TV:

Thursday, November 19

9:30 p.m. - Gracious Fanatics: The Passion For Pottery In NC
10 p.m. - Folkways: Potters at Seagrove Pt 1
10:30 p.m. - Folkways: Potters at Seagrove Pt 2
UNC-TV advertising starts Saturday, Nov 7
The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
Nightly Business Report
North Carolina Now
Antiques Roadshow
This Old House
American Experience
Washington Week
British Comedies
Lawrence Welk
Prime Time Specials
Bonus schedule on new channel UNC-EX

WXII12 – Channel 12 Starts Monday 11/9
The morning news
The Today Show
The evening news
The weekend morning news
Saturday Today

WLHC-FM Life 103.1 covers heart of nc starts 11/2
Also online streaming

WFDD 88.5-Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Boone starts 11/2

WUNC Public Radio-Raleigh 91.5 FM starts 11/2

WFAE Public Radio-Charlotte 90.7 FM starts 11/2 (press release, flyer, artist bios)

Carolina Arts ad June-November

Our State Magazine ½ page ad, October and November

Brochures distributed throughout central NC at 225 locations

Brochures mailed to Welcome Centers

Brochures direct bulk mail to 15,000 on 10/20

Website updated daily

Web listings ongoing

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Collaborative and Gala Pots

It is not too late to participate!! Bobbie Thomas is the drop off point for your pot and descriptions. If you have a photo please send it to

The web site has been updated with the descriptions and once we receive the photos from Juan Villa they will be added in as well.

Oct. 26 -Clean Up Day at Luck's

Clean-up Day
Greetings Seagrove Area Potters,

The Celebration committee is busy finalizing details for our 2nd annual event.

We would like to ask everyone to join us October 26, at the Luck's Bean Plant. It's time again to tidy up the grounds, and we could use your help. So, bring a rake, a leaf blower, and a pair of work gloves, and join us at 9:00am. We will also work in the breakroom area so gloves, buckets and mops and rags will help. We recognize that everyone is busy this time of year, but we hope that you can join us to help get the place looking spiffy for our customers.

Also, if you have auction pots, feel free to bring them along. The sooner we get them, the sooner they can be publicized. We plan to expand our historical photo area this year so feel free to bring (identified) past pictures of yourselves, folks you've worked with, relatives, etc. We will get them scanned and blown up for display. They help authenticate our connections and add to the ambience of the Luck's Plant.

We are changing email servers, and would like you to help us communicate by replying to with yes in the subject line if you receive this email.

We look forward to seeing you Monday!


Celebration of Seagrove Potters Committee

WHAT: Clean-up Day
DATE: Monday, October 26, 2009
TIME: 9:00a.m.
LOCATION: Luck's Bean Plant

Friday, October 9, 2009


Dear Celebration Potters;

You are invited to attend a Celebration Potters meeting Monday evening October 12, 2009 at 6:00 at the Seagrove Public Library.

We need group shots of our Friday and Saturday auction pots for advertising on WUNC TV and WXII TV by 10/16. If you have not already dropped your pots off at Bobbie Thomas's please bring them to the libary with you on Monday. Include your auction form information and package the pot with business card for secure transportation to the photographer. These photos will be used in other publicity as well, so this is a great promotional opportunity for you and Celebration. If you are unable to attend, please try to make arrangements to deliver your pot(s) via someone who is planning to come.

Thank you for your participation and we hope to see you there.

The Celebration of Seagrove Potters Committee

Celebration of Seagrove Potters
PO Box 116
Seagrove, NC 27341

Auction Donation Form


Fri Collaboration:
(please use one form per piece)


Name of Pottery Business:
(As it would appear on any promotional materials)

Mailing Address:

Email Address:

Phone Numbers (Day & Evening):

DESCRIPTION: (include process, glazes, firing methods, etc)



Thursday, October 1, 2009

October SAPA Board Meeting

The October Board meeting will be held 7PM Monday October 5 at the Seagrove Library. Everyone is invited and the Board welcomes your comments and suggestions.

Please don’t forget it will be held on Monday not our usual Tuesday time. The Board felt it was more convenient for everyone to change our monthly meetings to Monday from now on.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sponsorship Opportunities for Potters Participating in Celebration Event

Dear Celebration Potters,
Recently, several potters have expressed an interest in sponsorship-marketing opportunities that will take place around the Celebration of Seagrove Potters event in November. We had several businesses to sponsor our event last year and several have committed again this year. It is important to allow the participating potters to have an equal opportunity to sponsor this event as well. For sponsorship information, go to the following link:

If the above link does not work, copy it and paste in your internet browser.

Deadline for sponsorship is November 1st to be included in advertising.

If you decide to participate, print out the form at the end of the PDF file and submit with a check to:Celebration of Seagrove Potters
PO Box 116
Seagrove, NC 27341

Please supply us with information-images, logo,etc...based on the level of sponsorship you choose to do.

You can also hand deliver to Ben Owen at Ben Owen Pottery or Mary Holmes at From the Ground up Pottery.

This is an excellent opportunity to promote your business through the marketing planned for the Celebration event.If you have more questions about sponsorship please call Ben Owen at 336-879-2262 or email at


Celebration of Seagrove Potters Committee

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009


September 14, 2009
6:30 pm, Auditorium at Westmoore School
Potter's Meeting for Celebration of Seagrove Potters participants
Lottery booth selection
Please bring auction pieces and descriptions of any collaboration pieces

September 28, 2009
9:00 am, Luck's Bean Plant
Inside clean up day. Please come help clean up so that we can produce an even better event this

The web site Potters page has been updated with new photos. You can look at your own personal page to view the bio/shop description that you sent in. If it is blank, we have not received anything from you yet.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Minutes from the SAPA Sept. 1, 2009 Board meeting

SAPA Board Meeting 09/01/09

Present: Sally Larson, Bobby Marsh, Meredith Smildsin, Susan Greene, David Fernandez, Mary Holmes, Will McCanless, Ben Owen, George Gusler

Guests: Jennie Keatts, Fred Johnston, David Garner, Bonnie Burns, Sherry James, Phil Pollett, Chris Luther, Meredith Heywood, Beth Gore

Phil Pollett will finalize book list for library. His friend has offered a 25% credit to whatever dollar value we purchase.

Beth Gore will work on a newsletter to send out to customers who sign up through the SAPA website. She will do this on a trial basis.

Approval of May minutes: George made a motion to approve and David seconded.

Treasurer’s Report: Rent has been paid to the NCPC for use of office space.
Mary made a motion to renew Asheboro Chamber of Commerce membership and sally seconded.

President’s Report: Continuing to work on map and website updates. Marketing Report: 41 Seagrove potters are represented at the Raleigh Convention Center. They will be putting out a press release. Uwharrie/NC visitor center has started listing potters on their website. 54 shops participating in COSP and about 80 individual potters.

Membership Report: Membership dues are coming in steadily. Several new members as a result of COSP.

COSP Report: Details coming along well. 54 individual shops. Potters' meeting and booth selection at 6:30pm on September 14. Clean up day on September 28, at 9am. Fundraising is at roughly $8000.

Potters' Affairs: Request from a few of the members to receive more details about the board meetings and current issues and opportunities. It was requested that examples of the issues and concerns that members are having be brought to the board so that they can be addressed. George made a motion to send minutes from previous meeting along with agenda for upcoming meeting when notice is sent about upcoming meeting. Mary seconded. Other concern is that SAPA membership should not be required in order to participate in COSP. Other possibilities will be considered for future years.

Unfinished Business: David made a motion and Bobby seconded for SAPA maps to be available for use at kiosks for individual shops. Individual shops will have the opportunity to purchase these kiosks for their shop. Notice will be sent out with minutes and upcoming agenda to give shops the opportunity to place an order for a kiosk with the deadline for placing the order.

Ben is continuing to have conversations with the zoo in regards to a spring event of some sort.

New Business: Will made a motion to create and submit a proposal for SAPA to operate the new welcome centers on the highway. Sally seconded. Will, with assistance from Susan and others, will compose and submit proposal.

Motion to adjourn was made by David and seconded by Ben.

The September Board meeting was held last night at the Library with about 9 members attending. Note: this is not considered approved minutes of the meeting, only an information report to the members.

Ø Phil Pollock reported on the research he did with a friend to come up with a list of books to be donated to the Library from the Celebration festival proceeds of last year. If anyone has some suggestions please contact Phil 336-873-7664.

Ø Beth Gore has offered to write a newsletter on events happening in Seagrove to be sent out to the SAPA email list collected from the web site. An email with more information will be sent to the membership on this.

Ø SAPA has paid the rent for the use of an office in the Von Cannon House.

Ø SAPA renewed its membership to the Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce.

Ø Susan Greene and Bonnie Burns set up the display at the Raleigh Convention center with 41 potters represented and$9,000 worth of inventory.

Ø Celebration has 80 individual potters signed up representing 54 shops. Information on meetings and clean-up days will be sent out.

Ø Chris Luther will be working with Will McCanless on the Potters Affairs committee and is developing a plan to communicate more closely with the membership to address individual concerns from potters.

Ø David Fernandez has 4 orders for the map kiosks reported on last month and asks that anyone else who wants one to contact him at (336) 207-6985.

o The different options are:

§ 1 4X4’ sign with frame and 2 4X4’ posts to be installed by buyer for $339.

§ 1 4X4’ map on metal and weather proof that can be mounted on the side of a building for $225.

§ 1 4X4’ map on plastic that can be mounted on a wall but isn’t as long lasting as the metal ones $190.

Ø Ben Owen has been in touch with the Zoo regarding the offer they have made us to use the African Pavilion for a pottery event. There has been no discussion as to what we would do or when that might happen. Any suggestions are welcome.

Ø Will McCanless reported on the marketing opportunities available to us through the new Welcome Centers on 220 and asked permission to prepare a presentation to the DOT.

Ø Please note that the SAPA Board meetings have been changed to 7PM on the first Monday of every month. Our next meeting will be Monday October 5th.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Next map Meeting: August 19, 2009, 6pm Seagrove Library

We will probably wrap up the map P&P and move on to the web site so please review what we have covered already and I’ll see you Wednesday. Thanks for all the support.

Map Policies and Procedures

Front cover components:

Ø “Potters of the Seagrove Community” should be positioned at the top of the map so it can be read while sitting in a rack.

Ø The picture needs to be current.

o Hold a public contest each year for new picture.

o Advertise and promote in media.

o Ask people “What does Seagrove mean to you?

o “Seagrove is important to me because_________.”

Ø The information square at the bottom has SAPA web and contact information.

Establish dates:

Ø Map committee meeting in July

Ø Get 3 bids from printers in July

Ø January due date for all ads from potters and sponsors

Ø Payment to be included

Potters ads:

Ø Who can be on the potters side of the map

o All businesses within the defined Seagrove area who have a state ID#.

o Must be an “Enhanced Member” of SAPA.

o Membership $100, map ad $100 for a 12 month period.

Ø Pictures:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photos and Bios

We need your photos and bio or shop information for the Celebration web site before September 1. Also high resolution photos for consideration for print media.

Web site Photos: maximum 400 x 400 pixels at 72 dpi

Hi Res Photos: maximum 2400 x 1900, this is approx. 34" x 27" at 72 dpi or 8.2" x 6.5" at 300 dpi


Friday, August 7, 2009

Notes from the Aug Board meeting.

We had a great Board meeting this past Tuesday August 4th at the Library with about 10 members attending.

Mary Holmes reported that we have almost 60 potters who have signed up for the Celebration Festival with a few more people pending.

Sally Larson reported on the map meeting last month with 13 members attending. Many suggestions were made and good progress was made on the Policies & Procedures manual. The next meeting will be August 19th and anyone interested in attending is encouraged to join us. Confirmation email will be sent out.

◘ SAPA now has a permanent Seagrove address at the Von Cannon House where we will have a room available for our files and storage of the Celebration signage. We’re very appreciative of the NC Pottery Center for allowing us to rent it.

◘ We received a letter from one of our members concerned about the discrepancy between the hours potters publish and the hours they actually keep. She has had many complaints from customers who come for the day only to find many potters closed. The problem is that when those people leave the area they are disappointed and may not want to come back. There are a couple of things we all can do to help:

¤ Please take down your open signs on the roads and at your pottery if you are not there and consider putting up a closed sign.
¤ Update your hours on your web pages and web sites when your plans change.
¤ Consider using language in your description that reflect your real hours during different times of the year.. June –Aug open Thurs-Sat, or Sept –Jan open Monday – Sunday , closed February & March. Whatever description applies to your situation. Communicating honestly to our customers is very important.

◘ David Fernandez has come up with a map information kiosk idea that will help visitors find what they are looking for when they come to our area. These will be available to buy for anyone who is able to put one on their property and will greatly improve the experience customers will have when they visit. The different options are:
¤ 1 4X4’ sign with frame and 2 4X4’ posts to be installed by buyer for $339.
¤ 1 4X4’ map on metal and weather proof that can be mounted on the
side of a building for $225.
¤ 1 4X4’ map on plastic that can be mounted on a wall but isn’t as
long lasting as the metal ones $190.

David will take orders up to November and can be contacted at (336)207-6985

◘ Bobby Marsh is asking anyone who would like to recommend pottery books to be ordered for the Library to please stop by there to see the list of what they already have and make suggestions.

Volunteers needed to help organizing the Celebration Festival. Below is a list of committee heads and members. If you see something you might be interested in working on please get in touch with that committee head. This is such a great event so please jump in and help out and sign up!!

Ben Owen III (Chair of Celebration)
Gordon Ray (co-chair)
Fred Johnston (co-chair)
Will McCanless (co-chair)

Mary Holmes (treasurer/ manager)
Crystal King

Ed Henneke (secretary)

Susan Greene (Chair Publicity)
Jennie Keatts (Publicity co-chair/ website)
Bobby Thomas
Samantha Henneke
Bonnie Burns

Ben Owen III (Chair Sponsorship)
Sherry James
Bonnie Burns
Pat Newby
Susan Greene

Gordon Ray (Chair Infrastructure)
Bobby Marsh (co-chair)
Mary Holmes
Ben Owen III
Will McCanless
Darius Luck

Will McCanless (Chair Potters Relations)
Meredith Smildsen
Byron Knight

Bonnie Burns (Chair Vendors/Volunteers)
Susan Greene
Lisa Martinez
Sherry James

Fred Johnston (Chair Gala)
Nan Revel
Dick Peterson
Joanne Peterson
Talmadge Baker
Sara Baker

Loy Sellers (Chair Auction)
Joanne Peterson
Talmadge Baker
Sara Baker

Our next Board meeting will be 7PM September 1st at the Seagrove Library. Please join us!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Raleigh Convention Center

DEADLINE: August 15, 2009 drop off at Great White Oak

1. Raleigh Convention Center has offered SAPA display space on the main floor. This is a new, gorgeous facility that is booked straight for the next 18 years. They have a serious commitment to showing off the Arts and Culture of NC to all meeting attendees. The building is 500,700 sq. feet. Completed in September 2008, the Center welcomes over 500,000 attendees annually: its visitors include local, state/regional and international groups.

2. The display area offered is free to all enhanced SAPA members.
There are 7 vitrines - glass containers used to store and display items. They are lit, double-sided and therefore visible from inside the meeting rooms and the lobby. This is the main lobby where the office is located and all that enter the building must pass by. The displays are locked and insured by the Convention Center. The display cases are at eye level approximately 17” tall, 11’’ wide and 9 feet long. They can contain approximately 90 pieces of pottery in total. The total number of pieces from each potter is dependent on how many reply to this opportunity. You should count on submitting 2 pots/pieces of your choice. There may be room for more as information comes in. It is to our advantage to display the large diversity and talent of our community with pieces ranging in height and width and surface decoration for maximum impact.

3. SAPA Marketing obligation is to deliver the pots as well as provide forms for each pot that list:
• Potter name and contact info
• Title and description of process
• Artist statement (not required but smart to include)
• Retail price for insurance purposes
Also to
• Supply new pots for ones that have been purchased
• Make the signage for the display cases
• We have the option to include in the displays any information on the Seagrove Community of Artists, how to get here, why we are unique, our heritage, etc.
• The information (excluding price) will be printed out and placed on foam board beside each piece in the displays

Pieces will be for sale but are not required to be. Prices will not be listed on the descriptions in the display case. A master list will be provided to the Convention Staff and if an inquiry is made for purchase that transaction will occur between the artist and potential buyer. Any piece that is bought must be replaced by another item. You can deliver or mail it to them, should you wish to continue participation and have the opportunity for another sale. Please be sure to fill out the form for description so that we can create another description label for it to go with your pot.

The convention center will also distribute the SAPA map and the NCPC brochure. The display will be up for a one year period, possibly two. All of this is at no cost to us. The Convention Center Arts Subcommittee is very sincere and appreciative of the asset of the Seagrove Pottery Community. The Convention Center Arts Subcommittee and the City of Raleigh staff are soliciting other artists for other displays throughout the center.

To detail how fortunate we are to have been freely solicited without the hassle of submission requirements for this opportunity, take a look at what other artists must submit to even be considered.

The installation period must occur on August 27/28. That is the only time that they are not booked. Bonnie Burns and Susan Greene have agreed to deliver and set up the display.

If you chose to participate this is what you need to do.
Select your pots of choice. Maximum height 13”. Maximum width 18” . Fill out the form below completely and include the forms with your box of securely wrapped pots. Label outside of box with name of your shop.

Deliver to Great White Oak Gallery by August 15th. No exceptions.

We need two weeks to prepare adequate and professional signage for the display cases.
Potters Relations Committee (Will McCanless and Meredith Smildson) will follow up with those those that do not have or use email access.

If you have questions regarding your membership status please call Meredith at 267-4554 or email her at

Other considerations regarding urgency are that August is extremely busy for marketing due to compiling attendee information for COSP 2009 for brochure printing and distribution, poster development and distribution, frequent website additions and other promotional opportunities.

It would really be helpful if you could deliver your pots as soon as possible.

I hope you will take advantage of this remarkable promotional opportunity for enhanced members of SAPA and help us promote and show 500,000 people just how unique and talented the Seagrove Pottery Community is. Hopefully, you will make some sales too!

Use a separate form for each piece.
Potter name

Potter address
Potter phone
Potter email
Potter website(s) blogs,
Title of piece
Description of process (ex. Porcelain, stoneware, redware, saltglaze, etc.)

Artist statement (not required but smart to include)

Retail price for insurance purposes
Potter name
Potter address
Potter phone
Potter email
Potter website(s) blogs,
Title of piece
Description of process (ex. Porcelain, stoneware, redware, saltglaze, etc.)

Sandhills and Uwharrie Visitor Centers

Sandhills and Uwharrie Visitor Centers




The Sandhills and Uwharrie Visitor Centers are privately owned, family businesses run by Rebecca Cox and son Judson (tech support). Their urls are (see the Seagrove tab at the top of the page for current promotions) and They have 35,000+ subscribers in NC and surrounding states. Their monthly newsletters are well received and they garner new subscribers nearly every day. Their goal is to promote tourism and independent businesses. They believe the advantage in what they offer is that, while maintaining a website full of visitor information and resources, they also send out a newsletter to their subscribers, who then forward it on to countless others.

They would like to dedicate an entire section of their websites for the Seagrove potters (a directory) with an individual page for each potter. They would begin running a series of bios on each potter on a first come first served basis. Enhanced SAPA members will be given first priority followed by those members with basic memberships. These would be 500 - 750 word articles with 2-4 pictures and contact information. There would also be room on the pottery directory page for the potters to purchase ads for their businesses should they choose. They would feature a link to the pottery section on each of their visitor center websites.

They will offer two ad sizes for the directory page: Buying ads are optional and NOT REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION, will be contracted by the individual potter and the Cox's.

$25 = w 3" x h 1.75" (business card size - text only)

$50 = 3" x h 3.5" (double business card size, with room for logo and/or picture)

Ads will link to the advertiser's website if available. These ad rates are ½ off the regular rates as a special promotion to Seagrove Potters. There is also an additional 10% discount for advertising for 3 months at a time. You do not have to purchase an ad to be listed on the directory but it is certainly an economical way to reach 35,000+ paid subscribers. Judson, the web person is available and willing to help you develop your ad if you need assistance. He can be reached at or by phone at 828-733-9030.

They have started 4 visitor center websites (,, and

Due to the enormity of the project, and the constraints on time, they need to partner with SAPA for the collection of the bios. Ideally, each potter would send in their bio/article and photos of themselves and their work as soon as possible to If you need to send it via regular mail please mail to: SAPA Marketing, PO Box 309, Seagrove NC 27341. SAPA marketing will then have the opportunity to utilize the material for publicity as well. The directory and bio pages would be a free service to all potters. They can post 2 potters a week as soon as we start providing the information.

If we begin on this project quickly, we should have everything in place before the Seagrove fall event, which will help promote our event as well as visits to individual shops year round.