Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sandhills and Uwharrie Visitor Centers

Sandhills and Uwharrie Visitor Centers




The Sandhills and Uwharrie Visitor Centers are privately owned, family businesses run by Rebecca Cox and son Judson (tech support). Their urls are (see the Seagrove tab at the top of the page for current promotions) and They have 35,000+ subscribers in NC and surrounding states. Their monthly newsletters are well received and they garner new subscribers nearly every day. Their goal is to promote tourism and independent businesses. They believe the advantage in what they offer is that, while maintaining a website full of visitor information and resources, they also send out a newsletter to their subscribers, who then forward it on to countless others.

They would like to dedicate an entire section of their websites for the Seagrove potters (a directory) with an individual page for each potter. They would begin running a series of bios on each potter on a first come first served basis. Enhanced SAPA members will be given first priority followed by those members with basic memberships. These would be 500 - 750 word articles with 2-4 pictures and contact information. There would also be room on the pottery directory page for the potters to purchase ads for their businesses should they choose. They would feature a link to the pottery section on each of their visitor center websites.

They will offer two ad sizes for the directory page: Buying ads are optional and NOT REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION, will be contracted by the individual potter and the Cox's.

$25 = w 3" x h 1.75" (business card size - text only)

$50 = 3" x h 3.5" (double business card size, with room for logo and/or picture)

Ads will link to the advertiser's website if available. These ad rates are ½ off the regular rates as a special promotion to Seagrove Potters. There is also an additional 10% discount for advertising for 3 months at a time. You do not have to purchase an ad to be listed on the directory but it is certainly an economical way to reach 35,000+ paid subscribers. Judson, the web person is available and willing to help you develop your ad if you need assistance. He can be reached at or by phone at 828-733-9030.

They have started 4 visitor center websites (,, and

Due to the enormity of the project, and the constraints on time, they need to partner with SAPA for the collection of the bios. Ideally, each potter would send in their bio/article and photos of themselves and their work as soon as possible to If you need to send it via regular mail please mail to: SAPA Marketing, PO Box 309, Seagrove NC 27341. SAPA marketing will then have the opportunity to utilize the material for publicity as well. The directory and bio pages would be a free service to all potters. They can post 2 potters a week as soon as we start providing the information.

If we begin on this project quickly, we should have everything in place before the Seagrove fall event, which will help promote our event as well as visits to individual shops year round.