Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Raleigh Convention Center

DEADLINE: August 15, 2009 drop off at Great White Oak

1. Raleigh Convention Center has offered SAPA display space on the main floor. This is a new, gorgeous facility that is booked straight for the next 18 years. They have a serious commitment to showing off the Arts and Culture of NC to all meeting attendees. The building is 500,700 sq. feet. Completed in September 2008, the Center welcomes over 500,000 attendees annually: its visitors include local, state/regional and international groups.

2. The display area offered is free to all enhanced SAPA members.
There are 7 vitrines - glass containers used to store and display items. They are lit, double-sided and therefore visible from inside the meeting rooms and the lobby. This is the main lobby where the office is located and all that enter the building must pass by. The displays are locked and insured by the Convention Center. The display cases are at eye level approximately 17” tall, 11’’ wide and 9 feet long. They can contain approximately 90 pieces of pottery in total. The total number of pieces from each potter is dependent on how many reply to this opportunity. You should count on submitting 2 pots/pieces of your choice. There may be room for more as information comes in. It is to our advantage to display the large diversity and talent of our community with pieces ranging in height and width and surface decoration for maximum impact.

3. SAPA Marketing obligation is to deliver the pots as well as provide forms for each pot that list:
• Potter name and contact info
• Title and description of process
• Artist statement (not required but smart to include)
• Retail price for insurance purposes
Also to
• Supply new pots for ones that have been purchased
• Make the signage for the display cases
• We have the option to include in the displays any information on the Seagrove Community of Artists, how to get here, why we are unique, our heritage, etc.
• The information (excluding price) will be printed out and placed on foam board beside each piece in the displays

Pieces will be for sale but are not required to be. Prices will not be listed on the descriptions in the display case. A master list will be provided to the Convention Staff and if an inquiry is made for purchase that transaction will occur between the artist and potential buyer. Any piece that is bought must be replaced by another item. You can deliver or mail it to them, should you wish to continue participation and have the opportunity for another sale. Please be sure to fill out the form for description so that we can create another description label for it to go with your pot.

The convention center will also distribute the SAPA map and the NCPC brochure. The display will be up for a one year period, possibly two. All of this is at no cost to us. The Convention Center Arts Subcommittee is very sincere and appreciative of the asset of the Seagrove Pottery Community. The Convention Center Arts Subcommittee and the City of Raleigh staff are soliciting other artists for other displays throughout the center.

To detail how fortunate we are to have been freely solicited without the hassle of submission requirements for this opportunity, take a look at what other artists must submit to even be considered.

The installation period must occur on August 27/28. That is the only time that they are not booked. Bonnie Burns and Susan Greene have agreed to deliver and set up the display.

If you chose to participate this is what you need to do.
Select your pots of choice. Maximum height 13”. Maximum width 18” . Fill out the form below completely and include the forms with your box of securely wrapped pots. Label outside of box with name of your shop.

Deliver to Great White Oak Gallery by August 15th. No exceptions.

We need two weeks to prepare adequate and professional signage for the display cases.
Potters Relations Committee (Will McCanless and Meredith Smildson) will follow up with those those that do not have or use email access.

If you have questions regarding your membership status please call Meredith at 267-4554 or email her at

Other considerations regarding urgency are that August is extremely busy for marketing due to compiling attendee information for COSP 2009 for brochure printing and distribution, poster development and distribution, frequent website additions and other promotional opportunities.

It would really be helpful if you could deliver your pots as soon as possible.

I hope you will take advantage of this remarkable promotional opportunity for enhanced members of SAPA and help us promote and show 500,000 people just how unique and talented the Seagrove Pottery Community is. Hopefully, you will make some sales too!

Use a separate form for each piece.
Potter name

Potter address
Potter phone
Potter email
Potter website(s) blogs,
Title of piece
Description of process (ex. Porcelain, stoneware, redware, saltglaze, etc.)

Artist statement (not required but smart to include)

Retail price for insurance purposes
Potter name
Potter address
Potter phone
Potter email
Potter website(s) blogs,
Title of piece
Description of process (ex. Porcelain, stoneware, redware, saltglaze, etc.)